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Our Focus consist of 2 Parts;

Part 1 of our Focus is assisting project owners in getting there projects “ Shovel Ready”, preparing their Financial Package, and project or business plans.   

Part 2 of our Focus is assisting investors in obtaining above market returns on their investments. An essential component of our operations is providing projects with above market returns for investors as we mitigate risks on investments and real estate projects.

Our approach is to add value to communities through a positive development impact as we increase asset values. We accomplish this effort by performing a thorough Feasibility Analysis before proceeding with any project either new construction or existing asset. It is vital that we perform a comprehensive assessment of the condition and or the needs of an asset in order to accurately determine the funding necessary to acquire or fund a project and insure the efficient operation of that asset. This process is essential and is performed in the early stages of project feasibility or funding requests. Our construction management teams carry out this task and assist in managing construction risk through pre-acquisition cost estimating, value engineering, and project cost containment.                      

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